Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Making Money with Blogger

Blogger is a great and completely cost-free way to make money using the adsense program and other afilliate marketing programs.
You can use the online blogger interface to set up your blog using templates.Blogger has now incorporated an adsense module that allows you to insert your google adsense ads at the push of a button.Make sure you sign up for adsense using the same email adress as the one you use to sign up for blogger.
Blogger and Adsense are both free to sign up for and Blogger offers you automatic search engine visibility too.
I personally have tried many different afilliate programs, but the only one that has ever ended up with a cheque under my door at the end of the month is the google adsense program.

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Selling Photos online

You can sell your fotos and prints online with various websites.
Simply upload and set up your galleries and print sizes, and the website does the rest.
If a sale is made you will be credited.
Try visiting one of the folowing websites to register.

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