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Where is Matt ? Making Money online !

Video Blogger Matt (yes the guy blogs in videoclips instead of webpages) - well actually he does have a blog too which was the hub is making money online, and lots of it. - And here is where his genius is to be appreciated;
As Matt (like me) does not seem to like spending his life in front of a PC in a room; he has found a way to present a blog without typing on a keyboard as much as being out in the great wide open.The main medium of his blogging method is to post videoclips on you tube of himself dancing with people in various off the wall or famous or hard to reach locations around the planet. The financing was first done by attaining sponsors for the forst shoots which after posting recieved such a reception with the public that a massive audience was created that were held on the edge of their seats eagerly awaiting to see Matt in the next location, wherever that may be.
Of course as this thing grew, the operation became a massive enterprise with dances choreographed by the organizers, with Matt and his girlfriend as the central hub driving the thing in the next direction.
But what we are talking about here, is how to make money online - and that is what Matt was, and still is doing. Starting with a simple idea and hardly and investment money he managed to trigger a multinational enterprize that now is putting food in the bellies of a whole corporation. He didnt even need a company all he needed was to post some cool self made videoclips on youtube. I also bet that the inverstment as he was dancing alone was not too much. However, as the "show" developed and started to arrange for Matt to dance with masses of people in diferent locations, they needed to arrange the legal forms for release of the images of the people who were in the scenes as dancers. This of course is expensive to draw up.. but by this time, Matt had enough corporate support to take this development in his stride. He put an application form up on his website for people who wished to participate in the event in their countries or that wished to be visited, and presto! he recieved over 25 thousand applications.. so they chose from the most interesting and marketable locations/events and planned the route (thanks to his girlfriend Melissa, who was also responsible for finding targets and sending out the invites per email).
30 million people have viewed his videos and website; if you enter the word "Matt" in google search the first 4 results for that keyword are all him.

What i wish to suggest as an advice in principle and concept for those of us who really wish to seriously make a lot of money online or at least enough to make it more fun than a normal career and also more profitable, is that the main key to making money online (i mean decent money that you can live from), is a GOOD IDEA, originality, in a small niche area or topic is better than trying to do what already hundreds of thousands of websites are already doing. This is the same as using seo for "Non-Competitive keywords" (meaning that if you have a program or way of researching which keywords have how many daily world searches and which ones have how many other sites competing for that Keyword, the you can find out which keywords have a lot of daily serch requests but not may other sites competing for it.. this is better than trying to ge traffic for the keyword coca cola or warner brothers, because there will be millions of daily searches but also maybe just as many sites competing for that keyword).
To really make money online, you need to work hard and present a good quality content to your site.. there are no real tricks.. if you see some of my earlier posts you will see that i over market and aim for the same kind of audience as many other blogs on making money online.
This was deliiberate really, in oreder to later (as of now) show you how those things dont work to make any decent money. If any of you clicked on some pay per click agency ads for example in any sites you have found whilst searching to make money online then you will have been frustrated to see that after clicking on ads they send you to click on, that the "money" you get paid cann mostly never be cashed, rather exchanged for people to click on your banner ads to your site - it is a reciprocal pay per click scam that makes money from companies paying them and get people like you (and me in the past, thats how i learnt) to click on them for free. If you have a website then at least you can get some clicks exchanger, but unless you use an affiliate program like adsense (who will ban you and keep your money if they catch you doing this) that pays per page impression and not per sale or lead, the getting 500 people to click on your banner wont help you at all except in traffic rankings analysis if you want to sell the site and con someone into thinking you have loads of visitors.
All such behaviour is crap i must tell you and apart from being unethical and ruining the quality of the www it can get your site put in the sandbox with google as a spam site or for various other reasons.

ANyway, watch this Seminar that Matt gives on how he got so many people to dance with him - and see that what he is really explaining is not how he got them to dance, rather how he managed to convert his project into a successful off the wall manner to make money online whilst travelling the world.
The travel and making money without a 9 to 5 job is the thing that brought us all here to look for info blogs like this no??
watch and think!

I hope you enjoyed and appreciate the honesty of my rather digressive post above.. if so, then please permit me to make a solemn promise to all of you who may be still searching in the hope fo finding the secrets of making money online, that i shall use no under the belt marketing techniques on you and oyu wont end up registering with any places that are not recommendable. I found it sickening how all the apparent "Info sites" on making money online were actually scams to dupe the innocent seeker of new profession into being hoodwinked into falling for totally petty and childish tricks just to get a couple of cents for oyu.
I know how to do these things, but refuse to, because i find it disgusting and inhuman to behave to each other in such a way, even if we dont know each other.
I mean, i have been hoodwinked myself and fallen for things that i could have kicked myself for later.. but sometimes you have to break a bone before you realize that ice is slippery.

I shall attempt to explain and indicate in all future posts how to improve your website or web busainess and how to make money from home online without any business or product of your own too (afiliate marketing).
I decided that this blog will be dedicated to honesty and legitimate ways tpo make a buck large or small without being hoodwinked.
As a taster here is a tip.
For writing articles on article and review blogs that pay .. be very very careful. for example sent me 2 revies in a row in one week and i got 5 dollars each review - i did each review in about an hour each and they were both accepted and used.

But that was 2 years ago and they never sent me anymore
Just think how many millions of people are signing up with these sites and how many hundreds of companies requesting a review??
meaning that if i make a website that accepts review authors (some sites require you to pay first on the promise that you will get access to many reviews - A LIE!), take a dollar off each of you first and then take a hundred or a thousand or whatever per company for a review, because of the ratio of reviewers to clients for reviews is out of orbit..
so they send less than a hundred dollars of reviews to do to each member (minimum payout is 100 dollars with most sites) and then never send more so it never reaches the minimum payout.... well you can work it out for yourself no?

such enterprises are like the stock market.. the only person making any money and never lose, is the middle man! ( i lived with a swiss director of the wall street stock exchange and he explained this to me, and why it was so, so dont play the stock market either)
Thats all folks for this post.. hope you have faith in me finding the real paths to financial liberation from the 9 to 5 life and npresenting it to you here in all future posts.
please comment with any questions or opinions so i know what my readers want.
Thanks, Horus

Here is one of the most wonderful and enjoyable videos of the series for you to simply enjoy whilst taking a rest from reading my words.

where the hell is Matt! dot com
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